Office Visit Special

For those with no insurance, we offer a flat rate office visit fee. Call us for current specials. Those with existing insurance will be billed through their insurance company.

We accept most major insurance plans. But it is always advisable to contact the clinic to make sure that we accept your insurance. All the Co-Payments are due at the time of Service. We accept Checks, Cash and all major Credit Cards.
At M15 Urgent Care, our main goal is to provide you with high quality compassionate medical care. In order to consistently get the most out of your visits with us, you may want to consider the following list.  We feel that by thinking about these items beforehand, your visit will be more productive for both you and your provider.

1.Make a list of your concerns: If you write down a list of concerns, it will help both you and your doctor plan your visit. In addition, it will minimize the chance of forgetting important medical concerns.
2.Prioritize your concerns: As much as our providers try, we do have some time constraints. By bringing up your most important issue at the beginning, you will make sure that there is adequate time to fully address this concern.
3.Bring a friend or family member: If you are worried, bring a second pair of ears. Most people will leave a doctor’s office and really only remember about 25% of what was discussed. If you are concerned about a problem, or if your family is concerned, bring a friend or relative with you to the visit to help you to remember what has been talked about.
4.Bring your medication bottles: Bring your bottles of medications with you to each visit. At almost every visit, the nurse and the provider will talk with you about your medications. Making sure that everyone has a common understanding about what you are taking is essential to providing you with high quality care.
5.Bring more information: If you are a diabetic and you know the provider will want to know what your sugar readings have been, bring your glucometer. If you have high blood pressure, bring your list of blood pressure readings since your last visit.

We do NOT require you to change your primary care physician to be seen. We have working relationships with insurance plans and local primary care physicians so that your immediate medical condition will be taken care of today, and your follow up care will be with your established primary care physician. If you don't have a primary care physician, we will provide you with a list of physicians in the area who are currently accepting new patients.

Thank you for considering these ideas prior to your visit. We look forward to seeing you.